The Agni-V : India’s ticket to the elite nuclear ICBM club!

First of all, Kudos to the missile woman of India, ‘Agniputri’ as she is proudly called, Tessy Thomas, project director of Agni-V missile at DRDO.

Enter the Agni-V, from the family of Agni missile series, a brain child of Dr. Abdul Kalam. A three-stage solid fuel rocket motor with a range of 5000-8000 km capable of reaching speeds up to Mach 24 (Whoa!) developed exclusively for surface-to-surface launches. (Note: Lets pretend that we don’t know to where it is designed for and concentrate only on the technology aspect of it. )

Today (18 January 2018), Agni-V successfully completed its fifth test launch from Abdul Kalam island near the Odisha coast and thus becoming one of the most advanced ICBMs in the world with a high speed on-board computer to support its inertial navigation system along with a ring laser gyroscope.

The fifth successful Agni-V test launch (Source:DRDO)

Defence Research and Development Organization(DRDO) stated that Agni-V has higher reliability, longer shelf-life, less maintenance and enhanced mobility in comparison to its predecessors. Currently Agni-VI, a four stage solid rocket fuel ICBM is in development and is expected to be tested later this year.

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