A Day full of fun and sprinkle of craziness! In Middle school AMP’d.

I had the opportunity to be a part of Auburn University College of Sciences and Mathematics(COSAM)’s Outreach program in January 2018, a Middle school AMP’d. We had about 200 students competing for prizes in 20 teams solving math puzzles and challenges.

A day of running around trying to be match their energy was an amazing experience for me! One of my favorite parts of the event was the card collection challenge in which me and my team of 5 members stood in the center of an outdoor foyer with playing-cards containing simple math puzzles. We had to call out the puzzles (very loudly!)and the student who solves and answers first will win the card~ Then they will use those cards along with their team members, make sets to earn points. During the challenge I had about 25~30 kids stationed around me screaming the answers on top of their lungs and  running of to their tables with their cards and then running back to me again for earning more cards. At some point, I am pretty sure I thought ‘what in the world, is going on here!’, LOL. It was complete mayhem towards the end. But the thing that amazed me the most was the puzzle solving ability of some students. The quick thinking and the competitiveness inspired me a lot and also made me think that, we adults (or pre-adults, I say!), lost that kind of attitude as we grew up. So after a long day, I lay in bed thinking about this and also praying to God for wisdom. Cheers!


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