Judging Projects at Greater East Alabama Regional Science & Engineering Fair (GEARSEF).

I judged the Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics Category at the Greater East Alabama Regional Science & Engineering Fair (GEARSEF) hosted by Auburn University. For someone from India growing up in a academic performance result - oriented education system, seeing so many students working on research projects and also presenting them was really astonishing. This took... Continue Reading →

I got the Alabama Power scholarship! Yay!

I have been tutoring undergrad students on physics and mathematics courses over the past two years with Alabama Power Academic Excellence Program at Auburn. They just awarded me a scholarship for Spring 2018 that covered my health insurance and semester registration fee. Honored and thankful to Dr. Cordelia Brown, director of AEP at Auburn and... Continue Reading →

Spring 2018 semester begins!

I have been assigned as a TA (Teaching Assistant) for two courses and I am also doing coursework for two courses. On top of this, I am going to give my PhD qualifiers in this semester. Hoping to make the best out of them all. Wish me luck!

The First Step~

          Yay! So I finally decided to do this. It has been one of my career goals to be a science blogger, specifically bringing more information about my research in aerospace and rocket science in general. Lets say its like a public research journal that I wanted to share with y'all~... Continue Reading →

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