Chandrayaan II to the Moon : Here is a brief run-through

RocketPanda's brief runthrough of ISRO’s upcoming mission to the Moon - Chandrayaan II.

Woohoo! We are going to Mars y’all!

Well, things just got real. Jump and throw your fist up, 'coz Falcon Heavy is now officially the most powerful rocket in operation!!! I woke up at 6 am to a warm morning (yes, Auburn weather in weird) on Feb 6, 2018 and the first thing that struck me was, thank God I am lucky... Continue Reading →

Rocket Motors – Why are they so amazing?

"Where no man has gone before" , Space - the final frontier.  My favorite phrase from the Star Trek franchise pretty much sums up why rockets are significant. Any human soul with a high wanderlust will dream at the least once about frolicking through the boundary-less space jumping from galaxy to galaxy, running through a... Continue Reading →

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