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The Agni-V : India’s ticket to the elite nuclear ICBM club!

First of all, Kudos to the missile woman of India, 'Agniputri' as she is proudly called, Tessy Thomas,¬†project director of Agni-V missile at DRDO. Enter the Agni-V, from the family of Agni missile series, a brain child of Dr. Abdul Kalam. A three-stage solid fuel rocket motor with a range of 5000-8000 km capable of... Continue Reading →

Spring 2018 semester begins!

I have been assigned as a TA (Teaching Assistant) for two courses and I am also doing coursework for two courses. On top of this, I am going to give my PhD qualifiers in this semester. Hoping to make the best out of them all. Wish me luck!

Rocket Motors – Why are they so amazing?

"Where no man has gone before" , Space - the final frontier.¬† My favorite phrase from the Star Trek franchise pretty much sums up why rockets are significant. Any human soul with a high wanderlust will dream at the least once about frolicking through the boundary-less space jumping from galaxy to galaxy, running through a... Continue Reading →

The First Step~

          Yay! So I finally decided to do this. It has been one of my career goals to be a science blogger, specifically bringing more information about my research in aerospace and rocket science in general. Lets say its like a public research journal that I wanted to share with y'all~... Continue Reading →

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